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How your retiree medical account works

Farmers offers retiree medical account(s) to help you pay for your Farmers Pre-65 Retiree high-deductible health plan or Medicare premiums.

Additional information can be found in the 'Guide to Retiree Medical' which can be found 1) in GEMS under 'Benefits and Policies' , 2) on the 'Retiree' page on Farmers Today (HR Connections>Retirees) or 3) on this website once logged in to your account (Tools & Support>Plan Summaries>Plan Documents>Supplemental Documents).

How to use this website

You can manage your retiree medical account(s) online. Log in and you can:

  • Check your account balance (refer to 'Guide to Retiree Medical' for plan eligibility requirements)
  • Submit claims to be paid back for Medicare premiums, once eligible to do so
  • Sign up to have reimbursements deposited into your checking or savings account